How the Kona Comfort Vacation Rental Process Works in a Nutshell...

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We like to talk with our guests to discuss all the options open to you -- please call Jim

toll free at 1-877-526-8352 from any land phone, or from your cell phone please call


If you email we typically check and respond to email questions and inquiries early

morning, mid morning, early evening, mid evening, sometimes more..

We try to get to all incoming inquiries the same day!

A phone call to us can let us determine your needs the best, if you send an email the email form

will step you through some important points very useful to us to serve you better...

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Here are the processes step by step...


(2) We calculate the cost to provide you a QUOTE.

(3) You make a payment to hold and secure the booking you want.

(4) All monies are due 60 days before arrival. When you have made full payment, we email back

the local driving directions and the code to the lockbox.

(5) When you arrive you use the driving directions to get to the house, and you use the lock

code to get the key to your rental.

(6) When you depart, you lock the rental and put the key back into the lockbox, and use the

driving directions in reverse.

Our time zone may be several hours different from yours.

To see how time zones compare <<click HERE>>.



We discount by length of stay.

The current discounts are 5% for 7 days, 10% for 14 days, 15% for 21 days or longer.

These are based on continuous lengths of time.

Discounts and promos are subject to change.


How to Estimate What Your Charges Would Be

(or How Do We Calculate Our Charges)...

All rental charges for vacation rentals must be taxed -- if you are trying to figure without a quote,

add 13.42% taxes to rent (to the nights staying x rate); as well each booking will have a

refundable damage deposit (**) added to the rent total, but the damage deposit is not taxable.

There is no cleaning fee.

Each unit has a base rate for x number of occupants, if you have extra occupants that is

charged at $10 each per night plus tax.

You can adjust the daily rate if you qualify after staying continuously for several nights, look for

the DISCOUNT information (above this section) for when those apply and at what percentage.

You would apply the discount to the rental portion, not to the total with taxes or the total with



For example if you are staying two nights and the rate is $50 and the base rate is for 2 people

and there are two of you, and the Damage Deposit is $50, it would be $50 x 2 = $100, then add

13.42% tax ($13.42) = $113.42 subtotal + $50 Damage Deposit, so the total charges would be

$163.42, $50 of which would be refundable back to you after your stay. Remember we like to

talk with you and those Damage Deposits are one thing we can discuss and possibly waive

when we get to talk -- call Jim now -- toll free at 1-877-526-8352 from any land phone, or

from your cell phone please call 808-885-6651.


Second example -- if you are staying seven nights and the rate is $50 and the base rate is for 2

people and there are two of you, and the Damage Deposit is $50, it would be $50 x 7 = $350,

but we discount 5% for 7 days so $350 x .05 = $17.50, take $17.50 from $350 for $332.50, then

add 13.42%  tax ($44.62) = $377.12 subtotal + $50 Damage Deposit, so the total charges would

be $427.12, $50 of which would be refundable back to you after your stay.


What is the Damage Deposit

What is the Hold or Booking Deposit?...

We apply two types of deposits.

The Damage Deposit, which is refundable and would be applied if you did not clean up,

took items, stayed late, common courtesy types of things. The Damage Deposit for each rental

is shown on the RATES and FEATURES page.

The Hold or Booking or Security Deposit, this is what you would need to put down to

establish a reservation. In some cases we will not take a Hold or Booking or Security Deposit but

require the full amount to be paid in advance.

This works by a two part test. If your amount is less than or equal to $500 OR if your arrival is

less than 60 days, then the whole amount is due and payable to make the reservation.

Otherwise, if you arrive in more than 60 days AND your amount is more than $500, you can put

down at least $500 as a Hold/Booking/Security Deposit to make the reservation. At that point we

will not allow other potential guests to consider that span of time for that rental.

If you have made one payment to hold your reservation, and you are staying two months or

less, your balance is to be paid 60 days before your arrival date.

If you are staying for more than 60 days, you will make a payment 60 days before you

arrive to pay forward for two months and at each month of your stay you just keep your rent

paid two months in advance until you are two months from departure, then you have no more

rent to pay -- fairly simple to grasp.  As with rentals that last less than two months, your damage

deposit is always refunded for any cancellation before you arrive if that situation arises.

Any rent amount for a stay of up to two months must be paid 60 days before arrival.

If your stay is more than two months, you keep paid two months in advance.


What should you do about Cleaning Up Before You Leave?...

We clean and put back to original order the units between clients. We do not do maid service

during your stay but will supply the materials you need to freshen up your unit; the "free" (not

coin operated) washer and dryer are made available to you. Please give us priority for

washer and dryer use when we are on site to clean and turn over a rental.

When you leave you may leave your dirty linens for us to clean, but please put wet materials in a

bathtub or on a tile/stone floor. Remember we live in a warm climate all clothing and linens need

to be aired out and not left wet or they will mildew.

Each rental has a vacuum cleaner -- and other cleaning materials for you to use as needed...

you should leave your rental reasonable --you are not staying at a motel nor should you treat us

like a motel-- we give each guest a spotless environment when they arrive and you should leave

it broom clean. If you do not want to clean your dishes, remove your leftover food, take out your

trash, rent a motel and pay motel rates because they have the staff paid to do that. We don't

charge for cleaning but don't expect to need to wash your dishes or take out your leftovers after

you leave.

Dishes and utensils are supplied to you spotless and should be left clean.

Your refrigerator and freezer were empty and clean when you arrived, please do not leave

leftovers and dirty dishes for us.

Unopened cans of drinks, sealed bottles of water, other usable food stuffs you want to leave for

the next party is fine and many people do that, however do not leave cups of grease, spoiled or

open food in the fridge or anywhere else requiring us to throw it away for you that is just a waste

of our time and your responsibility not ours -- old or open food and all your other trash should be

cleaned up and taken to the trash before we come in to clean. We spend lots of time between

guests and sometimes guests come in the same day you depart -- please help us do our best

by cooperating.

Your trash containers should be emptied frequently into the main trash that is located at the

ground level between the house & the front of the garage in a corridor that runs to the right side

of the garage.

Keep trash covers on all trash containers, in our climate this is a problem if overlooked.


Can you be more detailed about what we are expected to do

regarding cleaning; getting the Damage Deposit returned; what is

the process?

Vacation rentals are not like a motel or hotel where you come in and dirty the place up and then

a maid comes in and makes it nice, then you come in the next day and dirty it up and that next

day a maid comes in and makes it all nice all over in a loop.

There is a significant difference between rates for one thing. You are paying for the privilege to

make a mess in the more costly hotel or motel. You also would be staying in a cloned “every unit

is about the same box” environment with busy parking lots, strangers roaming up and down

halls, usually in a location that is hot and often next to traffic and noise.

Renting a vacation rental is like

borrowing a home, and you should

treat it like a home.

We really  just want to come in after you leave, clean, tidy up, get ready for the next guests.

The things you should do before you leave:

Take any food on dishes or in plastic wrap, etc.  that is stored in the refrigerator/freezer or

elsewhere and dispose of it into your trash and clean the dishes.

Many people load their last dirty dishes and wash in the dishwasher (if your rental has one)

— that is fine.

Take the trash you collect out to the main trash bins between the house and the garage on

the ground level.

Remember that we offer re-cycle bins next to the trash bins. You glass bottles, plastic

bottles, aluminum cans can be kept out of the trash and set for collection in these bins.

If you have edible sealed food like bottles of water, cans of food, people do leave those for

the next guest and that is fine, just don’t leave opened or spoiled food.

Try to leave the premises broom clean — we obviously come in and clean (you will see

when you arrive that we are very picky and want things right). There are brooms, vacuum

cleaners, cleaning clothes, cleaning supplies, trash containers and trash bags left there for you

to take care of the place while you are living there.

Put your wet towels in the bathtub, put them on a tile/stone floor, or spread them where

they can air out. In our climate they can mildew fast. Avoid placing wet towels on carpets -- the

carpet will get wet and can itself mildew.

You don't have to make your beds or collect bed linens as you leave. Some people do and

that is fine -- we have been known to do that when we stayed at hotels -- we know where you

are coming from.

Turn off your fans and lights as you leave. It is good practice to turn off devices when you

are not in a room or otherwise using them. Electricity is very high in Hawaii (about 32.2 cents/

KWh). Devices just left on when you are not using them is a waste of money, causes rental rates

to go up.

Leave on time, only later if you have prior permission. Please let us know if you will leave

before the “designated check out time” (we may come in earlier to clean -- that is especially

helpful when someone is coming after you leave).

Please don’t arrive early unless you have contacted us for prior permission. If you know you

will arrive after the “designated check in time” please let us know (that might give us time to

work longer or not have to rush between the last guest that left and you coming in).

We are not going to come in with a list and count the Kleenex. People forget to put a key back,

they mail it back. People do break a glass or a dish from time to time; a fork gets bent, these are

no big deals -- things wear out we replace things all the time;  we don’t expect people to be

perfect — just not abusive.

Many places change cleaning fees.

We are resistant to that. Right now we seem to attract a lot of people who are very nice and

want a nice place to stay but want reasonable rates.

I don’t know the number of times we have heard from these people how much they appreciate

and are pleased with the spaces --  they leave the units nice when they leave and they come

back. That is the type of people we want to keep attracting so we will stick to our guns to keep

the rental rate down, the deposit basic and easy and hope we continue to have predominantly a

very good guest experience.

When you leave, we come right in at your departure time and start cleaning. Most of the time

this is very routine and I mark your record in my notes as all was okay.

Our Repeat customers do not need to place a damage deposit, and they are “grandfathered” at

the current rate against rate hikes in the future. We appreciate our guests who have shown they

are responsible and reward them for their efforts.



The Tranquil House rental has some provisions such as gates that lock to keep the pet inside

and a complete fenced front yard; the Cozy Flat has some provisions such as a fully enclosed

front lanai that is gated. Please email for a case by case basis decision.



To see our advice about using a guidebook <<click HERE>>.



Our clients have asked some important and interesting questions and when we answer we also

put these onto our FAQ page, please read it to see what others already thought to ask: <<click

HERE for FAQ>>.



We do not make any charges to your credit card when you provide that information before

you agree to the costs and authorize it.

All charges are clearly shown on the quotes or confirmations, there are no hidden or

extra charges beyond what is on the confirmation.

Booking multiple units can be arranged subject to normal availability and policies. Generally

if you have need for a long stay or complex requirements like multiple units, work well ahead of

your arrival. We often get fairly full 30 days ahead.

The house is located at a cool elevation of approximately 850 feet. It is on an acre of

ground. The structure is two level and contains three units. The bottom level has a studio unit

and a flat (or apartment) unit. The top level is a complete house which can be either a one

bedroom one bath or three bedroom two bath complex. The house is built Hawaiian style and

was meant to be walked in with bare feet, slippers or light sandals -- typical local style.

There is no minimum stay requirement.

One night stays will incur a $25 charge ($25 per suite if The Whole Enchilada).

The base cost of each unit assumes the number of people normally accommodated and

this varies by unit but is clearly stated in the RATES and FEATURES page; for extra people

beyond the set number it is $10 each extra person/night. You can offset this charge by adding a

roll away bed (subject to first come first serve) at no extra charge. If you book less people

than actually are in your party and the number of people actually in your party exceeds

the base rate, we reserve the right to charge you $20 each extra person/night.

If you are coming in soon, best to call -- so we can expedite the process; we will need some

time to get to a computer to see our available times and process your quote; this is usually done

in email .

REPEAT GUESTS (in good standing)...



REPEAT GUESTS (in good standing)...


FOR THEIR FUTURE BOOKINGS (same unit of course)!

Turn off your fans and lights when you are not in a room or otherwise not using them,

electricity is very high in Hawaii, these things left on when you are not actually using

them is a waste of money and make rental rates go up unnecessarily.

The satellite receiver if left on cannot download its programming guide for you to see what

is available in the menus.

We will provide reasonable requests for extra bedding such as sleeping mats, etc. as a

courtesy FREE OF CHARGE subject to availability.

Iron and ironing board are provided in each unit FREE OF CHARGE.

A Hair Dryer is provided in each bathroom FREE OF CHARGE.

Our off street parking is FREE OF CHARGE.

Credit card, debit card or PayPal payments cost us fees for each transaction &

gateway fees, please add 5% to any payments made with those methods.

If you need to send a bank wire, our bank charges us $12 to accept those patments,

please add $12 to any payments made with that methods.

If your check bounces, our bank charges us when it bounces, please remit $10 if

you send a check to us that does not clear our bank.

We do have WIFI, and the use of wireless internet with your computer is FREE OF

CHARGE, subject to availability (some areas may be less strong than others)  and your ability to

be computer savy enough to connect. Some ISPs will not allow you to send mail from outside

your ISP's domain and we have no control over such restrictions. We use two wireless

transmitters in tandem and any blockage of service is usually some metal between you and

either transmitter.





















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