Affordable Holiday Vacation Rentals, Kailua, North Kona District, West Side of the Big Island of Hawaii (USA)

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Big Island Kona Vacation Rentals

The Right Vacation Rental Accomodation for You And Your Family

At the Right Location in North West Kona

At Right And Very Affordable Prices

Best Property Valuation Services

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Many visitors come to

to Hawaii and gladly

spend most of their

time exploring the

endless sights and

action this small but

vast Island has to




Let us show

YOU some

old fashioned

"Kona Comfort"

during your visit

to the Big Island

(Island of Hawaii)!

For many Memories from a trip to the Big Island by

are made to reflect on for a great number of years.

Whether this is your first trip or your hundredth -- we know how you

feel and our goal is to make your time here

-- as quality packed as possible --

whatever makes YOU happy is what we want you to achieve.

But after a long day exploring all there is to do here -- when you do

finally land at your home here away from home -- you want to feel

comfortable. And that's where we really come into the picture.

We want you to have "Kona Comfort"!


-- we give to them the same considerations as any other place in our home.

In Hawaii there is a tradition of sydney property valuers Ohana -- Family -- which is what most of us were brought up with when we learned

The Golden Rule and That Sharing was Caring. Won't you let us Share our Ohana with you during your stay?

Your stay here is more like using your own guest living space at your own house -- and that's no accident -- we sincerely want you to feel like you are just in another room at your own house.


The warmth and peace of our dwelling and the land are yours to share yet you

have your own space commercial property valuers perth for privacy or to "hide away".

Many Thanks for coming to explore our website and we hope you will be staying with us soon!

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Want some

Kona Comfort Coffee

with that?

We show on our site a limited number of "Best Value" & "Outstanding Experience"

vacation rentals, on-the-fly lodging, & even some places to eat that are so unusual (and

good) we can't pass up turning you on to them! Check them out it only takes a moment.


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We may miss some expiration dates before we remove them, so check them close before you try to use them.

If you know of any specials that should be here please share by using the "Contact Us" menu button.

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